Unifor recognizes the outstanding contributions of nurses during National Nursing Week May 6 - 12, 2019.

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Unifor recognizes the outstanding contributions of nurses during National Nursing Week May 6 - 12, 2019.

"The Health Care system is an integral part of our social fabric we value the professional life-saving, and compassionate care nurses provide day in and day out," Jerry Dias Unifor National President. “RPNs and LPNs are instrumental in ensuring positive health outcomes of people in Canada."

Unifor represents 4000 Registered or Licensed Practical Nurses (RPNs/LPNs) who work in hospitals, private and municipal long-term care homes.

Nurses work together in high-functioning teams to provide patient care in hospitals, long-term care homes and communities. They receive specialized training and education, but both are a vital part of the health care system.

Through their unions across the country and around the world, nurses raise standards that benefit all workers, defend strong healthcare systems, and advocate for patients’ rights.  

As governments in Canada and around the world embrace austerity measures and attack public services, nurses are continually asked to do more with less funding and see their jobs cut. The result of these short-sighted measure always leads to increases in injuries and violence and is unacceptable.

In Ontario, the Conservative government, led by Doug Ford, passed Bill 74 which will result in a major restructuring of the health care system and has the potential to open the door to further privatization of services.

Privatization hurts patients and undermines the health care system in Canada. The quality of care seniors receive in for-profit homes is consistently weaker than public, not for profit care. Privatization also hurts health care workers who are often overworked in homes that are understaffed. Workers are forced to cut corners so their employer can turn a profit.

"Unifor has been at the forefront of the fightback against the privatization of health care. As a union, our commitment is to increase staff-to-patient ratios, improve working conditions and demand governments invest in health care," said Dias.

Here are three actions you can take to show your appreciation and solidarity to nurses this week:

  1. Throughout this week post our Facebook shareable to highlight the work of RPNs and LPNs
  2. At your next general membership meeting play our Nursing Week 2019 video [insert hyperlink]
  3. Thank a nurse that you know in your life!

For more information please visit www.caretakestime.ca