Unifor Rec Committee Football Pool touches down

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center line of a football field, Unifor NFL fantasy pool

Unifor’s Recreation Department has announced the winners of the NFL Fantasy Football Pool for this year, running up to Sunday’s Super Bowl LVII.

The second-annual online virtual pool ran from Sept. 8, 2022 to Jan. 8, 2023, attracting some 1,200 Unifor members across the country who participated picking games every week. The person with the most successful picks was the winner of the pool for that week.

“Due to the pandemic and the fact our members could not get together for in-person activities, we pivoted to virtual activities,” explained John Aman, Unifor Senior Director overseeing the Recreational Department.

“We have run NFL, NHL and a World Cup online pool. We have had about 6,500 entries so far, which is a large number, and a chance for members from coast to coast-to-coast to compete for bragging rights. All winners get unique Unifor branded prizes which they can proudly display to their peers.”

Here are the winners of the 2022/2023 Unifor NFL Fantasy Football Pool

In first place overall, for the year, who was also our week 12 champ is Derek Marontate. Derek is a Local 444 member, working at Stellantis Windsor Assembly Plant in Ontario.

In second place is Paul Spagnoulo. Paul is also a member of Local 444, working at the Windsor Assembly Plant in Ontario.

Week 1 - Flyersfan 31, 12 wins in a three-way tie, tie breaker win. Doug Gray from Local 40-N working at Agropur Dairy in Bedford, N.S.

Week 2 - Rocco Caputo, 13 wins in a four-way tie but a tie breaker win. Rocco is a member of Local 1285 working at Stellantis in Brampton, Ont.

Week 3 - Tom Landry's Ghost, 12 wins in a nine-way tie needed the tie breaker. John Pomanti is a member of Local 88 working at Cami in Ingersoll, Ont.

Week 4 - Fergy 19, 15 wins. Paul Ferguson is a member of Local 87_M and works for the Toronto Sun/Postmedia Network in Toronto, Ont.

Week 5 - Greg White, 13 wins an eight-way tie and has the good tie breaker number. Greg is a member of Local 1, working at Irving Shipbuilding in Halifax, N.S.

Week 6 - Pool de la NFL d'unifor. 11 wins a six-way tie and another tie breaker required. Ricky Vachon is a member of Local 9114 working at Prevost in Saint Claire, Que.

Week 7 - 12th man, 12 wins. Ben Williams is a Unifor staff rep working in British Columbia. He is formerly a member of Local 333.

Week 8 - King of the North, 14 wins in a two-way tie, tie breaker win. Ryan Greenwald is a Local 677 member working at Compass Minerals in Unity, Sask.

Week 9 - Congratulations to Ken Kwiatkowski, our winner of week 9. Ken works at Stellantis, member of Local 444 working in Windsor, Ont. His team tied with seven others, but he nailed the tie breaker to pull this off.

Week 10 - Congratulations to Dave Ginter and his team, CrazyLegs. Winner of week 10, another four-way tie with 11 wins but Dave prevails in the important tie breaker. Dave is a member of Local 4304, Grand River Transit in Kitchener, Ont.

Week 11 champ was Ernie Cleave, member of Local 462, working at Rich Products in Fort Erie, Ont.

Week 12 went to Derek Marontate, Local 444, working for Stellantis at the Windsor Assembly Plant in Ontario.

Week 13 was another autoworker, Joel Archer, member of Local 200 at Ford Essex Engine plant in Windsor, Ont.

Week 14 champ was David Wray, Local 28, at Expertech in Oshawa, Ont.

Week 15 was taken by Dale Marentette, Local 127, working at Dajcor Aluminum in Chatham, Ont.

Week 16 went to Jason Gardner, member of Local 462, working at Gesco in Brampton, Ont.

Week 17 went to another autoworker, GM this time, Doug Kennedy member of Local 222 in Oshawa, Ont.

The final Week 18 went to Iain Hermiston. Breaking the Ontario streak, he is a member of Local 111, a transit operator for Coast Mountain Bus in Richmond, B.C.