Unifor donates $135,000 to food banks

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Food bank donations being presented.

As families across Canada continue to struggle to put food on the table, a situation made harder by both the pandemic and the holiday season, Unifor is donating $135,000 to 48 food banks across Canada

“People are in need, and we hope these donations help address that need,” Unifor National President Jerry Dias said.

“The reality is, we shouldn’t need food banks in the first place. Families rely on food banks because they have no other options.”

More and more people with jobs are turning to food banks to help make ends meet, Dias said, adding the only real solution is good jobs and a living wage across Canada.

According to the Campaign 2000, one in eight households in Canada are food insecure, and disproportionately affects children in families that are lone female-led, racialized, newcomers, Indigenous or affected by disabilities.

Dias encouraged all Unifor members to donate to their local food banks over the holidays, and all year long.

“We will continue the fight for true social Justice, but we also need to address the immediate needs of our neighbours in crisis,” Dias said.