Unifor condemns CN Autoport's legal intimidation of striking workers

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A group of workers from Unifor Local 100, identifiable by their signs and flags, are participating in a strike. They are wearing high-visibility safety gear and are marching in a parking area under clear skies, conveying a sense of solidarity and purpose.

HALIFAX — Unifor condemns CN Autoport, for engaging in legal ploys to harass and intimidate workers engaged in peaceful strike action.

On the first day of a legal strike, Autoport sought an injunction that falsely accused Unifor Local 100 members of blocking access to International Longshoremen's Association (ILA) workers, a charge the union refutes.

“This injunction is nothing more than a scare tactic by CN to undermine the legal and peaceful picketing by our members,” said Lana Payne, Unifor National President. “Our fight is for a fair contract, not to hinder the work of our fellow union members in the ILA. CN's actions are a clear demonstration of corporate bullying, abusing legal avenues to intimidate workers who are merely exercising their rights."

In its claim to the Nova Scotia Supreme Court, Autoport alleged that strikers were preventing ILA members from entering the workplace. However, Unifor members had not interfered with access to CN Autoport's facilities.

"Our members have conducted themselves with utmost respect and dignity, by legally picketing and standing firm for what is just," said Cory Will, President of Unifor Local 100. "We remain committed to our cause, undeterred by CN's attempts to misrepresent our actions and intentions."

Unifor condemns the company's attempt to mislead the public and authorities about the nature of the strike and the behaviour of its members and urges CN to cease intimidation tactics and return to the bargaining table with a genuine intention to negotiate.

Unifor Local 100 represents 239 employees at the Autoport vehicle processing and transshipment hub, situated in Eastern Passage, Nova Scotia. Operating under CN Rail, Autoport stands as one of the most extensive facilities of its kind in North America, processing and transshipping close to 185,000 vehicles annually.

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