Unifor Celebrates Personal Support Worker Day 2024

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A personal support worker assisting a old women

Unifor proudly recognizes the dedication and care provided by Personal Support Workers (PSWs) in Ontario on the occasion of Personal Support Worker Day on May 19. These health care heroes are essential to the well-being of every community, providing compassionate support and expert care that impacts countless lives every day.

This year, we celebrate not only their daily contributions but also a significant victory for all public sector health care workers in Ontario.

The recent court decision striking down Bill 124 as unconstitutional is a victory for fair and free collective bargaining, affirming the rights of workers across Canada. This ruling not only underscores the importance of the work done by PSWs and all health care workers in Ontario, but also sets a precedent that will improve working conditions and patient care.

Of course, there is so much more work to be done for health care workers everywhere. 

PSWs have always been at the heart of our healthcare system, often performing their duties under challenging conditions, which were exacerbated by the pandemic. They have faced increased risks and have demonstrated resilience and professionalism during the most trying times. It is only fair and just that their commitment is met with the respect and support it deserves.

Unifor continues to advocate for enforceable standards that ensure a minimum of four hours of care per resident per day in long-term care facilities. This standard is crucial for the dignity of our seniors and the safety of our workers, and we will keep pushing until it is fully implemented.

As we mark PSW Day, let us all acknowledge and celebrate the essential role that these committed individuals play in our health care system. Their hard work and sacrifices have not gone unnoticed.  If you get a chance, thank a PSW and join us in expressing much gratitude for their commitment and dedication.

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