Unifor celebrates Paramedic Services Week 2024

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Two paramedics standing at the back of an open ambulance

Unifor proudly honours the relentless and unwavering commitment of paramedics to mark Paramedic Services Week from May 19 to May 25. 

 This year’s theme, "Help Us, Help You", focuses on sharing tips on how community members can best support paramedics and other emergency services personnel in the event of an emergency. By working together, community members and first responders can help build a safe and healthy community.

Paramedics are on the front lines of medical emergencies, providing critical interventions from the moment of contact to the transfer of care at medical facilities. Their profound dedication and expertise have been particularly vital as we continue to navigate the complexities of post-pandemic health care and the challenges posed by ongoing health care reforms.

The resilience of paramedics has been tested by continuous demands for increased efficiency amid scarce resources, a challenge exacerbated by current legislative measures that threaten the integrity of the public health care system. As a union we have vehemently opposed any actions that compromise the quality of public health care or the welfare of Unifor health care members.

We stand in solidarity with EMS workers, advocating for better working conditions, fair compensation, and sufficient resources to ensure they can perform their lifesaving duties effectively. 

Our union is committed to this fight, pushing for policies that prioritize the health and safety of both Unifor members and the public.

This Paramedic Services Week, let us all express gratitude for paramedics. Join us in celebrating their exceptional service and advocating for a healthcare system that truly reflects the value of the care they provide.

Download and share the Paramedic Services Week 2024 shareable here.