Unifor Aboriginal and Worker of Colour online conference inspires collective fight for racial justice

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Members from across the country gathered online for this year’s Aboriginal and Workers of Colour (AWOC) Conference to listen, talk and develop a plan to fight for racial justice in workplaces, communities and within our union.

“The resilience, determination and heart of Indigenous, Black and racialized communities during these difficult times is truly inspiring,” said Jerry Dias, Unifor National President. “We need to continue to listen, support and fight alongside communities fighting for racial justice. The trade union movement has always been on the side of progressive change in society and today is no different.”

Mental health experts Donna Alexander and Dave D'Oyen led discussion on addressing mental health and racial trauma caused by anti-Black, anti-Indigenous and anti-Asian racism.

“Fighting for racial justice is not the sole responsibility of Indigenous, Black and racialized communities,” said Christine Maclin, Unifor Human Rights Director. “We need allies - specifically allies in communities not affected by racism - stepping up and proactively fighting for racial justice.”

In addition to the mental health discussion delegates participated in creative workshops, networking opportunities and challenging discussions about sex trafficking and the impacts on racialized communities.

“The movement for racial justice is beautiful, powerful and filled with so much hope”, said Lana Payne, Unifor Secretary-Treasurer. “All trade unionists need to listen racialized people and continue to advance racial justice in our communities, workplaces and our union.”

This conference, like all of the work of the AWOC regional standing committees, is part of the vital work that Unifor is doing to promote social justice, equity and anti-racism.

To learn more about Unifor’s policy on racial justice click here.