Top 10 honour reflects Unifor’s great work and hope for the future

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Today Maclean’s, Canada’s national English-language magazine, has named me as one of Canada’s Top 10 most important people, in the cover story of the current issue.

This is a great honour, of course, but it’s not about me. This about all the hard work Unifor has been doing to address the issues confronting Canadians today.

Since our founding last Labour Day weekend, Unifor has been committed to addressing such issues as youth unemployment, precarious employment, secure pensions and good jobs for all.  We’ve spoken out for the disenfranchised in Canada worked hard to make their voices heard.

Within the next year, Unifor will host a Good Jobs Summit, bringing together all stakeholders in the Canadian economy to start a conversation about creating jobs with fair wages – jobs that are safe and secure. The time for talk is over. It’s time now to roll up our sleeves and get to work to make Canada a better place to live and raise our children.

Unifor has also established its unique community chapters program to help those who fall outside traditional union structures – the unemployed, freelance and self-employed workers, those in precarious employment, and more – to join together as part of Unifor to make a difference.

These efforts by Unifor activists across the country have resonated with Canadians, and my being named to the Maclean’s list is a reflection of that.

I would like to thank Maclean’s for this honour – and thank all the Unifor activists across the country for making it possible. To be honest, this is more your honour than mine.

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