Statement from Lana Payne on proposed Postmedia Nordstar merger

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stack of rolled up newspapers

For too many of our members and media workers this has to feel like Groundhog Day. 

News of the proposed merger between Postmedia and Nordstar is brutal on top of the other job losses and cuts in media since the start of this year. 

The sector has been in a continuous and sometimes rapid decline. We at Unifor are deeply concerned about the continued consolidation of our Canadian news media. 

 Our priority is jobs and journalism. 

It’s time this became everyone else’s priority. The media companies. And all levels of government. 

We will continue to stress vehemently and in every possible way to all decision makers that this proposed merger cannot result in the decimation of the media landscape in this country. Because we can’t afford that. Our democracy can’t afford that. 

Make no mistake we will defend our members and our democracy. 

Unifor has been sounding the alarm that local news is in a dire place for years, now the CRTC and government must ensure that local news is a top priority and must be saved.  C18 is a start to support our news outlets, but it is not enough, more is needed.  

Unifor will be on the front lines of this fight to save local news. And we strongly urge Canadians to be there with us.