Sobeys workers in Sydney ratify collective agreement, continuing Unifor’s gains in grocery sector

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Five members of the bargaining committee for Local 1917 at Sobeys in Sydney, Nova Scotia.

SYDNEY, N.S.—Unifor members at the Sobeys store in Sydney, N.S. ratified a new collective agreement that continues the union’s pattern of achieving record wage gains in the grocery sector.

“Unifor has made significant gains at bargaining tables with the three grocery giants because of the strength and solidarity of thousands of workers fighting together to bring good supermarket jobs back,” said Unifor National President Lana Payne. “I send my congratulations to the bargaining committee at Sobeys Sydney and to every Unifor grocery worker who took a stand to demand better pay from these highly profitable corporations.”  

The five-year agreement sees full-time clerks receiving an additional $3.63 to $3.79 per hour on the end rate of pay over the lifetime of the contract, signing bonuses of $2,000 upon ratification and another $1,000 bonus in October 2024.

The bargaining committee recognized the need to improve wages for part-time workers, who make up the significant majority of workers in the store, and the agreement sees their wages rise by $4.89 per hour on the end rate of pay over the life of the contract, with a $500 bonus upon ratification and $500 in October 2024. Part-time workers in scale will also be credited with 2,000 hours worked on the scale effective at ratification, providing members with a significantly faster path to the end rate of pay.

“The members at the Sydney Sobeys store saw how important it was to bring part-timers more hourly income and achieving that is a testament to their sense of community and solidarity,” said Atlantic Regional Director Jennifer Murray. “We’re proud to see Unifor’s grocery bargaining strategy deliver results for members.” 
Other improvements include an annual employer contribution to the Unifor Paid Education Leave Program (PEL) that supports member education and training, and a commitment from the employer to maintain an increased number of full-time positions at the store.

Unifor represents 119 members at the Sobeys on Main Street in Sydney, Cape Breton.

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