RailLine Volume 11 – Issue 3

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An ariel view of the Autoport lot

Tentative Agreement Reached With Autoport Eastern Passage 

Dear Members,

We are pleased to announce that after a series of intensive negotiations, the bargaining team at Autoport Eastern Passage has reached a tentative agreement with the employer. This marks a significant milestone in our collective bargaining process, which began back on September 28, 2023.

The details of the tentative agreement will be thoroughly discussed during our upcoming general meeting. Following this, a vote will be conducted to ratify the new contract. We encourage all members to attend the meeting to ensure you are fully informed before casting your vote.

"The solidarity and support of our members have been instrumental in reaching this tentative agreement," said Cory Will, Unifor Local 100 President. "We believe we have secured a deal that reflects the hard work and dedication of our workforce, and we look forward to presenting the full details at the forthcoming meeting."

Further information regarding the date, time, and location of the general meeting and voting process will be provided shortly. It's crucial that everyone participates in the ratification vote, as this will determine our collective future.

As we prepare to move forward, it is your voice that will decide the outcome of this tentative agreement. Your engagement throughout this process is what shapes our path ahead. Stay tuned for upcoming announcements on the voting details.

We are committed to transparency and ensuring you are updated every step of the way. Look out for further communications on this matter, and please continue to reach out to your union representatives with any questions or concerns.

In solidarity, 

Your Autoport Bargaining Committee