RailLine Vol. 7 Issue 6 - Unifor Local 100 Bargaining Set to Resume, and Conciliation Process Explained


Unifor Local 100 Bargaining Set to Resume, and Conciliation Process Explained

Local 100 is going back to the bargaining table with VIA Rail, along with a federal conciliation officer. Our next round of negotiations with the company is scheduled for November 10-13.

What is Conciliation?
The conciliation process is a concise and legal requirement of the Canadian Labour Code and provides a 60-day period of conciliation followed by a 21-day “cooling off” period. Following the cooling off period, either party is obligated to provide 72 hours’ notice of intention to initiate a lock out or strike.

Our desire always is to reach a negotiated settlement without a dispute, and setting of a deadline that coincides with the best timing possible is an important element of the bargaining process. This is no different an approach than we have taken in prior rounds of bargaining.

On Thursday, November 5, the Federal Minister appointed conciliation officers to the Unifor bargaining table. The chart below outlines the schedule that will be followed through the conciliation process up to the setting of a deadline.


Collective Bargaining Process:


Notice of Bargaining

September 3, 2019

Notice of Dispute

October 28, 2020

Ministerial Decision

November 5, 2020


60 days, unless extended by mutual agreement of parties

Termination of Conciliation

January 4, 2021

Cooling-off Period

21 days

Acquisition of right to strike / lockout *

January 25, 2021


no time limit

*Right to strike cannot be exercised until
1)    Strike vote is taken, and
2)    72 hour notice is given

Why choose to file for conciliation?
Next week’s negotiations, beginning with the clock ticking on the conciliation period, put our union in a stronger position to negotiate the gains that members are united behind in this round of negotiations. This means pushing ahead in the fight for a stronger pension.

Moving forward in this conciliation process is one of the tools we have as a union to increase our power at the bargaining table, to set firm dates with the employer and remain strong in our demands. We need the united support of members in order to achieve these goals.

How can members help secure a better contract?  
The first step in your support for a stronger contract is to add your name to the growing list of members pledging to stay with Unifor, and say no to the raid by the CSN. Start today by requesting your card join.unifor.org/viarail.

If you want to get more information or get involved in the campaign to Stay with Unifor, contact us at any time.

Simon Moreau, @email 514-588-0338
Zoltan Czippel, @email 604-226-5509
Patrick Murray, @email 506-850-7996
André Hachey, @email 514-554-5941

In solidarity,

Local 100 Bargaining Committee

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