RaiLine Volume 7, Issue 7 - Bargaining Update for Council 4000 and Local 100


Bargaining Update for Council 4000 and Local 100

Dear members,

Both groups met with the company this week, amassing the strength of 2,100 maintenance workers, on-board service personnel, chefs, sales agents and customer service staff at the bargaining table.

Your bargaining committee is not pulling any punches, and is back at the table now to get the best deal possible for all members.

Council 4000 is engaging in frank and honest conversations with the company, with progress on rules and primary issues for Agreement 1 and 2 moving more slowly than expected. The company has dug in on a matter concerning employment security, and the bargaining committee is pushing back.

Your bargaining committee is fighting for all members at the table, and will not back down from these frustrating but necessary conversations. Bargaining is set to continue next week, beginning on Monday, November 16, 2020.

Local 100 met with the company and a conciliator this week, and made significant progress, completing bargaining on all working rules. With bargaining dates set for December 1-4, the bargaining committee is optimistic and motivated to begin conversations on monetary items.

This round of negotiations has been long, and has spanned events that no one could have anticipated, but the resolve and success of your bargaining team has not wavered.

Unifor negotiated the 70% top-up and benefits continuation during the pandemic, in the midst of negotiations and while employers across the country were sending workers home to rely on Employment Insurance. And, when the top-ups were banned by the federal government, Unifor and our 315,000 members, took action to demand change from the Minister.

As negotiations for both groups get closer to a critical time, Unifor’s rail members have to stick together.

For Local 100 members, the first step in your support for a stronger contract is to add your name to the growing list of members pledging to stay with Unifor, and say no to the raid by the CSN. Start today by signing your card join.unifor.org/viarail.

For members of Council 4000, we need your voices as well. Stay connected with your locals, and be ready for mobilization.

The union does not bargain in public, but we will use these tools to update you as often as possible. We would ask all members to not listen to the Employer for updates, or entertain rumours that may come up during the bargaining process. Please reach out to your local union representatives for additional information or with questions.

Visit www.unifor.org/viarail to read this update online.

In solidarity,

Your VIA Rail Bargaining Committees

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