Rail Line Volume 9, Issue 18

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CN Rail

Dear Members,

Local 100 and Council 4000 bargaining committees met with the employer this week to begin discussions on non-economic proposals which includes the addressing the on-going issue of contracting out unionized work.

Your Master Bargaining Committee feels that talks this week were productive with the employer and are progressing well. We are committed to impress upon the company that our members deserve a collective agreement that treats you with dignity and respect.

The union further discussed the issue of Personal Leave Days pursuant to the Canada Labour Code. Members have raised the concern that in several workplaces the employer is refusing our members the right to these leaves. Your Master Bargaining Committees will continue to discuss this issue with the employer and look forward to a positive resolve for our membership.

We have agreed to meet with the employer the week of November 28, 2022 in Montreal. We will continue discussing non-economic items and hope to convene discussions on monetary items.

The union does not bargain publicly, but we will update you as often as possible with these tools. We would ask all members not to listen to the Employer for updates or entertain rumours that may come up during the bargaining process.

Please get in touch with your local union representatives for additional information or questions. Your continued support will be pivotal in achieving our next collective agreement.

In Solidarity,
Unifor Local 100 and Council 4000 Master Bargaining Committees