Rail line Volume 9, Issue 15

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Autoport Members Ratify Collective Agreement

Dear Members,

After eight long months of negotiations, your Bargaining Committee reached a tentative agreement on October 7, 2022. This past weekend we held our ratification vote, and we are pleased to announce the new two-year collective agreement has been ratified.

The Bargaining Committee was successful in achieving many improvements including:

  • Average wage increase of 10% over the term of the collective agreement
  • Strengthened seniority provisions in key areas of the collective agreement such as:
    • Shift Bids
    • Training
    • Full time employment
  • Increases to benefits
  • Premium increases
  • Stronger grievance language

The Committee had to deal with difficult issues at the bargaining table but through your support and solidarity, we were successful in achieving an agreement that respects and values our members.

In solidarity,

Your Autoport Bargaining Committee

Media Contact

Hamid Osman

National Communications Representative