Progress made as talks continue into January


The Unifor ACL bargaining committee made progress on several issues this week and both sides have agreed to extend discussions into January.

“We have accomplished long awaited results this week in signing off on multiple issues, including paid domestic violence leave for members, agreements on performance management and the formation of a joint committee on mental health,” said Bobby MacDonald, Chair of Unifor ACL.

The paid domestic leave provision ensures that absences which are not covered by sick leave or disability insurance and result from domestic violence will be granted as a paid absence. For more information on this provision, click here.

When the committee goes back to the table on January 18, 2018, the focus will shift to core issues such as job creation, pensions and wages.

After seven sessions of bargaining, the committee has given the employer a deadline of midnight, January 19, 2018 to reach a tentative agreement.

The bargaining committee would like to thank members for their continued support. The Red shirt day demonstration of solidarity was powerful, as demonstrated by this YouTube video.

The next ‘Wear Unifor Red’ t-shirt day is January 18, 2018. Stay tuned for more details from your mobilization committee.