Picking up after the devastating earthquake in Nepal


The Unifor Social Justice Fund provides support on the ground to agencies in cases of sudden disasters. On April 25, 2015, a 7.9 magnitude earthquake shook the bustling capitol of Kathmandu, Nepal. The powerful earthquake killed thousands with tens of thousands more badly injured.

On May 12, a second earthquake – this time a 7.3 magnitude – shook Nepal, in the Himalayan foothills between Kathmandu and Mount Everest. More than 8,500 people died, another 22,000 people were injured and 2.8 million people were left homeless.

The SJF, along with thousands of additional monies from Unifor locals and individual members, contributed $60,000 to Oxfam Canada, which had an emergency team on the ground shortly after the first earthquake.

Relief efforts kicked into action, mitigating further tragedy and helping survivors rebuild their lives.  

Oxfam’s emergency team in Nepal reached over 367,000 women, men and children in seven of the worst hit districts.

Aided by the contributions of the SJF, Unifor locals and members, Oxfam Canada was able to provide a total of 45,300 emergency hygiene kits with items such as blankets, soap, underwear and toiletries, clean water for 30,000 people, 4,470 latrines plus handwashing sites, 32,800 shelter kits and food baskets to 27,000 households.

For more information, visit visit: unifor.org/sjf