Members of Unifor Quebec celebrate ten years of solidarity

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“People at a head table, some applauding, some holding each others hands above their head in a celebratory style.”

From November 24 to 26, Quebec City hosted Unifor's 19th Quebec Council, a major event celebrating the organization's 10th anniversary. A celebration in itself, the council was an opportunity to reflect on a decade of struggles and achievements.

The first day got off to a flying start, marked by a spectacular and emotionally charged opening. Marcel Rondeau, the first president of the Québéc Council, inaugurated the event by revisiting the journey since the organization's beginnings. His emotional speech revived memories of the high points and sacrifices that have shaped Unifor's solidarity.

Quebec Director Daniel Cloutier took the stage to present a detailed report on the past six months. His speech reviewed the challenges met and successes achieved, providing a comprehensive overview of Unifor's ongoing commitment to its members.

A particularly moving moment marked his report as he paid tribute to SOPFEU firefighters, saluting their courage and dedication. This symbolic gesture underlined the importance of solidarity and mutual aid within the Unifor family. But the commitment didn't stop there. The speech helped launch an open letter campaign, inviting Unifor members to rally behind an appeal to the Minister of Forests and the General Manager of SOPFEU to protect forest firefighters and put an end to the attraction-retention crisis.

The Quebec directors of the founding unions, Michel Ouimet and Sylvain Martin, then shared their experiences during the creation of Unifor.

Magali Picard, President of the FTQ, brought an external perspective, stressing the importance of unity between the different unions to face current challenges. Her presence symbolized the solidarity that transcends organizational boundaries, uniting workers under a single banner.

National President Lana Payne’s speech was a call to mobilize and persevere in defending workers' rights. She praised the resilience of Unifor members and stressed the importance of maintaining unity in the face of the challenges ahead.

The Unifor Quebec Council was much more than just a meeting. It was the scene of passionate exchanges, profound reflections and landmark celebrations. From inspiring speeches by leaders past and present, to heartwarming sharing by local sections, every moment helped strengthen the bonds within the Unifor family. As delegates leave energized by the collective energy, the future looks bright for Unifor, strengthened by the solidarity, determination and shared vision of a decade of commitment to serving working people.

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National Communications Representative - Western Region