Members show their pride


This year, Unifor members have participated in over 22 local pride events from coast to coast to coast! Unifor was represented in 10 more communities than in 2016 including the first parade in Thunder Bay!

Unifor members participate in a Pride Parade.

When Unifor members engage with LGBTQ communities, non-unionized workers can see the value of working together and our own members are exposed to this great form of activism. Pride is way more than a parade – it is a political statement.

As Pride season draws to a close, your Local can still take action to challenge discrimination and promoting equity all year. Solidarity actions must be more than once a year, so start today. From something as simple as proudly displaying equity posters to bargaining for LGBTQ rights at work, the work continues.  

Unifor produces many equity materials for Pride events and for use throughout the year. Visit to see a list and order materials for your local.