“Keeping Canadians Connected” The value of highly skilled employees during uncertain times


Bell Craft Bargaining History, Issue 5 of 8

There is no doubt that the last year has been the most unprecedented time in our lives, and from the beginning of the pandemic, through multiple lockdowns, “Red Zones” and every step of the way, the technicians in the craft bargaining unit have exceeded expectations in delivering the services the Company provides, to ensure the lives of Canadians can continue as best as possible.

“Our country’s telecom workers, and specifically the Bell team, are being recognized alongside healthcare and emergency workers for their critical work during the COVID-19 crisis”.

Whether it is virtual learning for our children, ensuring high bandwidth for video streams to work from home, or making sure the TV is broadcasting or streaming our favorite shows and live sports to give us a reprieve from the uncertainty outside our homes, there is no doubt Craft Technicians have been exceptional.

Our efforts are not recognized by the company. While Bell boasts about, keeping Canadians connected in this time of crisis, they are privately attempting to dismantle our bargaining unit.

While they bring in profits during this pandemic, Bell is continuing to erode our unit, contract out new technologies, offshore good Canadian jobs, and offers little to no real recognition in our role during the public health crisis.

The decision to contract out the Outright Sales portion of the business to a third party contractor, has left the highly skilled technicians who performed this work, and the businesses who relied on them, in uncertainty almost a year later.  This move is yet another example of how the craft bargaining unit continues to shrink, even though there is ample profitable work available to perform.