Independent Parts Supplier members make big gains in Guelph

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Workers at CpK Interior Products in Guelph ratified a new contract after a demanding round of negotiations with the employer resulted in several key enhancements to their contract.

“Unifor members at CpK Interiors are a vital part of Guelph’s economy,” said Jerry Escott, Unifor Local 1917 President. “This contract reflects the incredibly hard work our members do by providing wage gains and employer RRSP contributions.”

Unifor represents approximately 350 members working in several skilled trades and production roles at CpK Interior Products in Guelph, a tier one supplier of a variety of interior components to Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and the broader auto industry, including instrument panels, doors, and consoles.

The three-year agreement provides an eight per cent wage increases and improvements to vacation pay, banking of overtime, and enhancements to boot and safety glass allowances. Economic gains include wage gains of 5 % to the base rate over the life of the agreement, a signing bonus of $4,000, a bonus of 4 % in the second year, and a $1,200 bonus in years two and three. The bargaining team also negotiated an additional week’s vacation previously cut by the employer. Gains were also secured for members’ benefits such as paramedical, eye ware and eye exams, dental, orthodontics, and dispensing fees.

The bargaining committee was supported by Unifor Local 1917 President Jerry Escott, Plant Chairperson Meg O’Brien, Skilled Trades Committee Representative Wayne Breese, 1st Shift Committee Representative Jenn Cookson, and 2nd Shift Committee Representative Brian Brinjak.

“This contract gives our members clear improvements to their working conditions and provides substantial economic gains at this critical time. I am very proud of our bargaining committee for their hard work and for defending our members’ interests at the bargaining table,” said Meg O’Brien, CpK Interior Products Plant Chairperson.

The membership ratified the three-year agreement on Wednesday December 3.