Important message for LPNs on recent NSGEU reclassification arbitration


Dear members,

Last week, an arbitrator’s decision was released resulting from a grievance filed by NSGEU in 2011 on behalf of Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) represented by NSGEU Local 42 of the former Capital District Health Authority. The arbitrated ruling was in favour of the NSGEU’s claim that the role of the LPN had been substantially altered from its original description.

Unifor supports this recognition of the expanded scope of practice of LPNs.

The ruling is one step in a longer process that is still in motion. NSGEU must now continue discussions with the current Nova Scotia Health Authority to determine to move to process along.

Unifor, as a member of the Health Care Council of Unions, will be kept informed of the process and its potential participation, and we will communicate any changes to our members as soon as the matter is settled. Unifor’s position is if in fact there are any changes as a result of this process, that it would be applied to all LPNs in the entire Nova Scotia Health Authority.

Until the process is complete, you can expect no changes to your contract or wage scale.

If you have further questions, please contact your local president.

In Solidarity,

Linda MacNeil
Unifor Atlantic Regional Director