Huge organizing win as hundreds of Original Cakerie bakery workers vote to join Unifor

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Five people stand in front of sign for The Original Cakerie

Unifor is proud to announce that more than 700 workers from the Original Cakerie in London, Ont. will join the union following a successful organizing campaign. 

“The best way to get respect and a voice at work is to organize,” said Unifor National President Lana Payne. 

“A very warm welcome to our newest members from the Cakerie who have voted overwhelmingly to show they are ready to work collectively – through our union - for better working conditions and for a better world.”

The vote to join Unifor was held over a period of 48 hours beginning on July 24, 2023.

Workers’ priorities included job security, including inconsistent discipline, where workers can be fired anytime. They said there is a point system that penalizes workers for being absent for any reason and accumulation of points may mean termination.

Justin Gniposky, Unifor’s Organizing Director, said workers, who produce cakes for big chain grocery stores, have already faced a slow down in work and survived two shutdowns and cut hours since April this year. 

"This is a big win for workers that echoes far beyond the confines of their workplace. It’s a triumph of collective action and what can come from worker solidarity,” said Gniposky. 

“Their vote in favour of joining the union is a beacon of hope and is inspiring to Canadian workers to stand up in their own workplaces and pursue a more just and equitable future.”

Workers are also fighting for better and more flexible scheduling, reduced workloads and a more a meticulous health and safety plan.

Job classifications include team leads, production, set up, mixing, decorating, machine operators, sanitation, and maintenance.