Great response to new union name and logo survey


February 19, 2013


One behalf of the officers and staff of the CEP and CAW we want to extend a most heartfelt thank you for participating in the new union name and logo questionnaire distributed during the month of January.

The survey was developed to seek input and guidance from members, non-members, community representatives and others interested in taking part in the creation of the new union identity.

Over the past weeks, the survey has been widely circulated to local unions, meetings and conferences, as well as countless email networks. It has been very exciting to see the overwhelming response coming from members of our unions and many others. All in all, we received more than 5,300 replies in French  and English . It is great to see such wide participation!

As you can imagine, the timely exercise of compiling these results and other feedback is still ongoing. Your suggestions, ideas and comments are incredibly valuable as we work toward the creation of our new union over the coming months.

In the coming weeks, our New Union Communications Working Group will be working through all the data and putting forward some suggestions for naming the new union, in addition to ideas on how it will be presented visually and narratively.

In the meantime, we continue to welcome your suggestions and ideas. If you have thoughts on how the new union should function or be presented to members and the public, please be sure to pass on your feedback as soon as you can.

Your participation is such an important part of building a progressive and united new Canadian union, and we are so glad that you took part in the process. Once again, thank you for your interest and participation. We look forward to being in touch again, and to seeing you at our founding convention in Toronto from August 30 to September 1,2013!

In solidarity,

Susan Spratt
CAW Director, Western Canada/
Co-Chair, Communications
Working Group

Peter Murdoch
CEP Vice-President, Media/
Communications Working Group