Grant Truscott wins 2018 Bud Jimmerfield Award

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The recipient of this year’s Bud Jimmerfield Award is Grant Truscott, L686-B, Taylor, BC. Every year, the Bud Jimmerfied award is presented to a nominee who has demonstrated strong leadership and a proven commitment to health and safety, and preventing future occupational diseases, deaths, and injuries.

“It’s up to the members, and the union to say that we will not accept a lower standard of safety here,” said Truscott. “As a union we negotiate for the workers every three or four years, but as health and safety committees, we negotiate for their health and safety every month.”

Grant Truscott began his advocacy 34 years ago at the McMahon Gas Plant in Taylor, BC.  He was the Chief Shop Steward at Local 686-B for many years before becoming the Occupational Health, Safety and Environment Co-Chair of the Local Committee, and then was elected Co-Chair of the Policy Committee.  Truscott has been a tireless advocate for occupational safety, not only in his plant but also for fellow Unifor members in four different locals within the Enbridge enterprise.

He has made personal sacrifices to defend members’ health and safety rights against a very determined and aggressive employer; one who has been trying to limit worker participation in decision-making for health and safety. Throughout his years of leadership with the local, Truscott has strived to ensure everyone goes home safe and sound at the end of their work day. Grant is a mentor to many young workers to be better advocates, not only for health and safety but also for workers’ rights overall.

Through his work, he continues the legacy Bud Jimmerfield left behind as a determined health and safety, environment and workers' compensation activist, in his workplace, in other workplaces and in communities across Canada.