GM heartless in response to CAMI workers


Unifor stands behind the members of Local 88 in Ingersoll in the face of coldhearted indifference shown by General Motors as it threatens to ramp up production of the Equinox in Mexico, Unifor National President Jerry Dias said.

 “This is a callous and heartless attitude for General Motors to take toward a community that has worked so hard to build its top-selling vehicles,” Dias said.

“GM is turning its back on the entire community.”

GM has rejected a Unifor proposal to name CAMI as the lead producer of the Equinox, saying it can meet production needs for the vehicle at its Mexican facilities.

The Equinox is now the only vehicle now made at CAMI. In July, production of the Terrain was moved from Ingersoll to Mexico.

“CAMI is the poster child for what is wrong with North American Free Trade Agreement,” Dias said.

“You can make a best-selling vehicle, win shelves full of awards along the way, work three shifts a day, and still the company sends work to Mexico and refuses to discuss showing some loyalty to workers or the community that supported it.”