Finding common ground through recreation

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Three smiling friends sit at bright, lush park on grass.

Our union is only as strong as the connections we share with each other and our communities.

Unifor’s recent recreation committee expansions in Winnipeg, Moncton, and St. John’s highlight workers’ increased interest in back-to-basics ways to build community and union solidarity.

A yearning for authentic connection

In an increasingly digital world, people yearn for genuine human connection.

Establishing recreation committees within your community can address this yearning by providing spaces for members to come together, find common ground, build relationships, and engage in meaningful conversations.

Every single local in our union has the power to create a supportive environment that encourages members to participate actively and foster a stronger sense of community. By providing safe spaces for members and even the broader community to share experiences, we cultivate a community of support and belonging centred on mutual understanding, respect, and a sense of care.

Tough times and togetherness unite a movement

While the pandemic intensely heightened feelings of isolation and magnified social inequality, it also revealed worker perseverance, the incredible power of communities looking out for one another, and great acts of charity. Many individuals and families struggled to meet their most basic needs—but workers and neighbors came together to provide vital services, like access to food and health care resources.

It has highlighted the importance of looking out for one another, especially the most vulnerable members of society. Which is exactly what many Unifor locals do, everyday, in their communities.

Fostering connection and active participation

Our union has come to a pivotal moment where common ground, mutual understanding, and a shared mission for a more just and equitable society has never been more crucial. The cornerstone of this is active participation—and to do this, locals must have entry points that are safe and accessible to all members, including those who aren’t yet comfortable delving into heated political discourse.

There are countless ways for workers to engage with their union—from coming to a Unifor golf tournament or community barbeque, bringing your loved ones to a family day, helping out with your local’s fundraising for a local not-for-profit, or coming to a union meeting—there are ways to connect that meet your availability and capacity to engage.

Strengthening union solidarity

The success of actively engaging members in a different setting, like a sporting or community event, has already reaped rewards for Unifor locals from coast to coast.

Engaging in recreational events allows individuals to build relationships, fostering a sense of camaraderie and unity that extends beyond the workplace. It is through these connections that the collective fight for better working conditions gains strength and solidarity.

These connections transcend job titles and create a shared understanding of the struggles faced by workers.

By nurturing a strong sense of solidarity, Unifor can collectively fight for better working conditions, fair treatment, and a more just and equitable society for all.

Let us come together, foster connection, and reinforce our collective fight for a better future.