Dispute at Autobus Venise: The union and the employer remain deadlocked

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Autobus Venice workers on the picket line

On strike since April 3, 2023, the 50 members of Unifor Local 700 who work for Autobus Venise have unanimously rejected the management offer presented to them at a meeting on July 7.

After an attempt at conciliation, the union and the employer were unfortunately unable to resolve the dispute. Despite the union’s efforts, negotiations remain deadlocked, highlighting the employer’s unwillingness to meet the workers’ legitimate demands.

Up to now, the employer had allowed the striking workers to set up their trailers on company property, enabling them to maintain a visible presence and demonstrate their mobilization. However, in response to the refusal of management’s offer, the employer has asked the union to remove its equipment. “This deliberate and unjustified demand only serves to increase tensions between the parties and does nothing to foster a constructive resolution of the dispute,” said Alain Daigle, president of Unifor Local 700.

The main stumbling block in the negotiations has been guaranteed hours and wages. The bargaining committee is determined to defend the rights and interests of the members, who work hard to provide an essential service to the community.

“Our members have been on strike for months in an attempt to win better working conditions and we will continue to fight with courage and solidarity to obtain the recognition and benefits these workers rightfully deserve,” added the local’s president.

For the moment, no further bargaining sessions are scheduled.