Day of Mourning 2021


On April 28, our heart-felt condolences are extended for the tragic loss of life occurring across the country due to workplace injury and occupational disease, especially during the heightened safety concerns of this COVID-19 pandemic.

We remember:

Leonard Rodriques, Local 40             Mike Patterson, Local 2002

Edward Norman, FFAW                     Sheila Yakovishin, Local 2458

Scott Norman, FFAW                         John Copsey, Local M1

Jody Norman, FFAW                          Gérald Lévesque, Local 81

Isaac Kettle, FFAW                             Amarprit Sandhu, Local 4003/Council 4000

Derrick Crooks, Local 414                  Antonio Genova, Local 40

Vince McIvor, Local 3000                   Luc Bélanger, Local 94

Colin Hurd, Local 4209                       Jim Nowakowski, Local 112

Adam Baran, Local 4268                    Edgar Poblacion, Local 303

Carl Osmond, FFAW                                             

The pandemic has starkly revealed inequities in our workplaces, with many who are continuing to offer essential services, despite the risks to their health and to that of their families. Every day, we hear powerful stories from our frontline heroes who are combating COVID-19 in hospitals, long-term care facilities, in retail, telecommunications, transit and many other sectors. One death, one injury or one illness is too many - and we vow to do whatever it takes to protect the health and safety of workers.

Health and safety related tragedies, of course, are not only related to the current COVID-19 pandemic. Our Unifor members are exposed to many workplace hazards and as we can sadly see, there have been many victims. From fishing to waste management, transportation to manufacturing, we have seen our members and their families tragically affected. These workers died to make a living. Their families forever affected.

For these reasons, health and safety must be a basic and fundamental right for everyone who works. Illness and injury anywhere threaten illness and injury everywhere.

Health and Safety is a fundamental workers’ right.

Whether it is COVID-19 or occupational cancers, workplace injuries and industrial diseases, every worker should have a right to a voice and a right to protection. No-one should have to die to make a living.

Unifor calls on governments and employers everywhere to use the lessons being learned during this extraordinary time to rebuild a more equitable, safer, better world.

  • Paid sick days
  • Right to know about occupational hazards
  • Pandemic virus presumptive workers’ compensation coverage

While we may not be able to attend the memorial events which usually take place, we want to build a day of ‘virtual’ action on Wednesday, April 28th, 2021.

  • Observe a minute of silence at 11am on Wednesday, April 28 to honour those who have died
  • Participate in Unifor’s online ceremony to remember the 19 members lost on the job in the past year:
    • Wednesday, April 28, 7pm ET.
    • Register here beforehand.
  • Light a candle in your front window or on your balcony for 20 minutes at 8:20pm, and let it shine for the safety of all our frontline, essential workers
  • Become a H&S representative, recruit a H&S representative
  • Join our Unifor BC and Ontario teams for the virtual walk “Steps for Life” to honour loved ones who died on the job.  Or create your own Steps for Life team


Download the Day of Mourning Zoom background here.

Download the Day of Mourning Shareable here.