Danny Glover’s star power ignites Canadian Council


Economist Jim Stanford labelled Danny Glover “The ‘Lethal Weapon’ of the civil rights movement”, a title that suits the long-time activist and actor. After delivering a rousing speech where he stated that unions are the greatest weapon against poverty and inequality, he vowed further action to support the labour movement across North America.

He had special words for the workers at Toyota, saying “I am here for you, I am here with you, and we are going to win." He took those words one step further when, after his speech, he joined a lunch-hour conference call with the workers at Toyota working to organize the facility and shared words of encouragement and support.

"I am here with you in your struggle, because it is not just your struggle, it is all of our struggle,” said Glover, who has worked closely with other groups in Canada and the U.S. who are trying to unionize.

Jerry Dias announced that Glover would be welcomed as an honorary member of Unifor and that we would stand together “from Mississippi to Vancouver” to fight for civil and human rights.