Buy union made vehicles in 2022

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A Unifor member at GM Oshawa watches red truck roll off assembly line.

Are you in the market for new wheels this year? The 2022 union made vehicle list is out and it is your shopping guide to ensure you support vehicles made by union members.

The comprehensive list includes all vehicles made in Canada or the United States by members of Unifor or the United Auto Workers in the US. Because of the highly integrated nature of vehicle production in both countries, vehicles listed as made in the United States include significant Unifor-made content and support the jobs of Unifor members. Both Unifor and the UAW support the purchase of union-made vehicles from either country.

Vehicles marked with an asterisk are also produced in Mexico. Before purchasing a vehicle marked with an asterisk, check the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). If the VIN starts with 2 that means it is a Canadian-made vehicle. A VIN that starts with a 1, 4 or 5, it is a U.S.-made vehicle.

All other vehicles not listed are not union made in North America.

Download the 2022 union made vehicle list here.