$100k retirement packages for Domtar Woodlands employees


Domtar and Unifor have just negotiated $100,000 early retirement packages and up to $50,000 in moving allowances for about two dozen Woodlands employees near Ear Falls. 

"EACOM's Ear Falls sawmill recently hired dozens of additional Unifor members for increased lumber production and saw log harvesting on the Trout Forest. However, as a result of the EACOM sawmill expansion, Domtar will no longer require its lone chipper operation based in Ear Falls after March 31," said Unifor Local 324 President George Smith.

To minimize the impact of this transition away from bush chipping and more towards saw log harvesting, Domtar and Unifor negotiated $100,000 early retirement packages for senior protected employees throughout all of Domtar's forestry operations. 

“These packages will provide our long-service employees with a dignified retirement option while also helping to reduce potential layoffs of newer employees," Unifor National Representative Stephen Boon stated. "Any affected Ear Falls employees wishing to re-locate to Dryden will also be provided with a range of moving allowance options based on years of service up to a maximum of $50,000."