Human Rights - PHR


This 1 week program is critical for leadership and activists, as we learn together how to build a strong, united union committed to social justice. Racism, homophobia, sexism, disability prejudice and other forms of discrimination divide us as workers and weaken our union. This course asks each of us to take on the challenge of working toward real equality, by first understanding how oppression works, by examining where, how and why discrimination occurs, and then by debating, and committing to strategies for change. Participants will become familiar with Unifor structures, resources, education programs and networks for advancing human rights and equality struggles in the workplace. Participants are provided with a Human Rights Tool Kit and are asked to consider tough topics such as harassment and employment equity, and to engage each other in challenging conversations. The course includes a focus on the role of allies and shows how human rights struggles can strengthen the union.


Program Duration
5 days
Program Type
Paid Education Leave (PEL)