Duty to Accommodate - ACOMDA1


Our job as trade unionists is to ensure that our workplaces are accessible to everyone – including workers with disabilities, workers of all religious backgrounds, and women. The “duty to accommodate” outlines not only our obligations to represent our members, but also our power to change workplaces and lift barriers to participation so that all workers have the right to earn a decent living.

If you are a shop steward, workplace representative, chairperson, accommodation representative, or employment equity rep/women’s advocate, then this course is especially for you.

The program outlines:

  •  Why accommodation is a union issue
  •  Definitions of “duty to accommodate”
  •  Legal framework for accommodation & case law
  • Steps involved in accommodation
  • Applying the duty to accommodate to workplace situations
  • Dealing with co-worker and employer resistance
  • What union reps need to know and do


Program Duration
1 day
Program Type
Area School