Unifor welcomes new report on Metro Vancouver container trucking sector

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White truck with Unifor flag attached

VANCOUVER—A new report published by the B.C. Container Trucking Commissioner will help close many loopholes and improve the standard of living for truckers, says Unifor.

“Container truckers’ concerns about enforcement and fairness have been heard,” said Jerry Dias, Unifor National President. “The move to hourly rates makes sense and the ministry must ensure that no truck driver loses out when this system is fully implemented.”

Yesterday’s report recommends eliminating trip rates by moving to an hourly wage system and expanding the scope of the license to cover all on-dock and off-dock work to enforce rates across the sector.

In September 2020, an independent report commissioned by the Commissioner confirmed a growing illicit system of off-dock container shipping that was undermining law-abiding truckers. The report estimated at least 45% of licensed companies were actively using a shadow workforce of non-tagged trucks and engaging in chassis-swapping to avoid paying regulated rates.

“If implemented with care, the solutions proposed today will help truckers get to a level playing field and receive fair compensation for time spent on the road,” said Gavin McGarrigle, Unifor Western Regional Director. “We encourage B.C. Transportation Minister Rob Fleming to implement the recommendations without delay and mandate that no driver goes backward in the new hourly system.”

Unifor is the largest union in the port trucking sector and has campaigned for years to urge the provincial government to clamp down on the black market and to demand the Commissioner be given more tools to properly monitor off-dock shipments.

Unifor is Canada’s largest union in the private sector, representing 315,000 workers in every major area of the economy. The union advocates for all working people and their rights, fights for equality and social justice in Canada and abroad, and strives to create progressive change for a better future.

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