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Health & Safety (PHS)


5 Jours

This is a hands-on course that members and Health & Safety representatives will find invaluable in the work they do on behalf of working people.  Through exercises such as workplace and body mapping and job safety analysis, participants discuss the causes and solutions to the hazardous working conditions they face.  Participants learn about regulations and legislation and visit worker friendly internet sites to gain a better understanding of members’ rights in provincial and federal jurisdictions. Strategies for legal action and mobilization are discussed using actual case studies from Unifor workplaces and community based campaigns (e.g. prevent cancer, machine guarding and lockout, violence in the workplace, repetitive strain, etc.).  Participants learn how to resolve issues at joint union-management meetings by drafting recommendations at a union caucus and presenting them at a joint committee meeting.  This course includes a striking display of photographs, music, videos and quotes commemorating the history of workers’ struggles for safe and healthy workplaces.

Ce cours n’est pas offert dans votre région?

Les sections locales peuvent présenter une demande pour les cours d’une journée ou de trois journées en communiquant avec le Service d’éducation par courriel (areacourses@unifor.org) ou par téléphone (416‑718‑8489). Prenez note que les cours d’une semaine ne sont offerts qu’au Centre d’éducation d’Unifor à Port Elgin, en Ontario.

Pour consulter le calendrier des cours offerts au Québec, cliquez sur le lien suivant : www.uniforquebec.org ou contactez le Service d’éducation à Québec par courriel (education@uniforquebec.org) ou par téléphone (514‑389‑9223).