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Mental Health Matters (AMHU1)


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This is an important program for union representatives and local union officers who want to learn how to support and represent members who are dealing with mental illness, including addiction.  The program will provide a foundation to better understand mental illness and will engage participants in how to effectively refer members to appropriate services.  Participants will learn about the duty to accommodate as it applies to workers with mental illness, including dependency issues, and the rights and duties that apply to the employer, the union, and the individual worker.

We will look where improvements can be made to collective agreement language to support members when they are at their most vulnerable and discuss ways in which to shift from a culture of fear and avoidance to a culture of empathy and true solidarity in our workplaces.

We will tackle issues that are complex and often uncomfortable, but this program aims to navigate participants through this tough topic and supply the tools required for their role in the union.

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Ce cours n’est pas offert dans votre région?

Les sections locales peuvent présenter une demande pour les cours d’une journée ou de trois journées en communiquant avec le Service d’éducation par courriel (areacourses@unifor.org) ou par téléphone (416‑718‑8489). Prenez note que les cours d’une semaine ne sont offerts qu’au Centre d’éducation d’Unifor à Port Elgin, en Ontario.

Pour consulter le calendrier des cours offerts au Québec, cliquez sur le lien suivant : www.uniforquebec.org ou contactez le Service d’éducation à Québec par courriel (education@uniforquebec.org) ou par téléphone (514‑389‑9223).