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Windsor Star workers ratify new three year deal with Postmedia


May 6, 2018

WINDSOR –Workers at the Windsor Star voted 91 per cent in favour Sunday for a new three-year collective agreement with Postmedia Network Inc.

“Our members are very happy,” said Julie Kotsis, Chair of the Joint Council of Unions, which represents 180 members of Unifor locals 240 and 517-G, as well as Communications Workers of America-Canada Local 30553. "We didn’t come away with a lot of money, but we kept our Defined Benefits pension plan, and we held on to most of our health benefits, including those for our retirees,” said Kotsis.

The gains made in this round of bargaining were major priorities identified by the union's members.

Kotsis said Windsor Star workers understand well the news industry’s current struggles, “But then they see Postmedia’s executives getting big pay raises.”

Under the agreement, employees earning less than $20 an hour will receive a one per cent wage increase on June 3, 2018. All Windsor Star employees will also receive a 0.5 per cent wage increase in May 2020.

Over the previous seven years, Windsor Star employees had only received a one-per cent wage hike.

“I was pleased with the outcome — based on what the company had been pushing for, it exceeded what I thought would be presented to us,” said Dave Waddell, a Windsor Star member of Unifor Local 240.

Postmedia had been seeking major concessions from employees.

The bargaining committee would like to thank all members for their support during that past 18 months of very challenging negotiations.

For more information, please contact Unifor National Communications representative Natalie Clancy: or (902) 478-9283 (cell)