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Western Unifor locals donate more than $50,000 to food banks

April 30, 2020 - 3:00 AM

May 1, 2020

VANCOUVER—Unifor locals from Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and British Columbia have marked International Workers’ Day by making donations to local food banks across Western Canada.

“Layoffs resulting from the pandemic means workers everywhere are hurting. From lobbying to improve safety at work and government emergency programs to community donations, Unifor is working to help all workers, union and non-union,” said Gavin McGarrigle, Unifor Western Regional Director. “At the local level, Unifor members have taken action to help reduce hunger during this challenging time.”

A total of $50,000 was pledged from more than 20 locals across the prairies and B.C.

Unifor local unions representing workers in many sectors participated, including transportation, forestry, media, manufacturing, telecommunications, mining, rail, energy, and aerospace.

“When crisis strikes, workers come together to support other workers, whether they are unionized or not,” said Leanne Marsh, chairperson of Unifor’s B.C. Regional Council.

Unifor’s Social Justice Fund and Canadian Community Fund pledged the seed donations to start the May Day project. The B.C. Regional Council and Prairie Regional Council followed suit by pledging their own donations.

“Many Unifor local unions have suffered from layoffs during the pandemic, but they’re still digging deep to contribute to the community-wide effort to help struggling families,” said Guy Desforges, chairperson of Unifor’s Prairie Regional Council.

A diverse assembly of Unifor locals pitched in with donations, representing workers across the west in most economic sectors:

Prov.    Local    Sector

MB      7          Telco

MB      755      Dairy

MB      468      Services, Transportation

MB      144      Gaming, Manufacturing

MB      3003    Manufacturing

MB      830      Manufacturing

MB      191      Media

MB      561      Fishery

SK        1S        Telco

SK        911      Information Technology

SK        649      Energy

AB       M1       Media

AB       72A      Education

AB       4050    Education

BC        114      Aerospace, Armoured Car, Courier, Warehouse

BC        3000    Hospitality, Gaming

BC        433      Pulp & Paper

BC        780G   Printing

BC        2000    Media

BC        950      Telco

BC        333BC  Transit

BC        603      Pulp & Paper

BC        825M  Media

BC        3018    Mining

BC        101R    Rail

BC        111      Transit

BC        2200    Transit

BC        2301    Mining

BC        M1       Media

BC        601      Energy

Earlier this month Unifor’s Canadian Community Fund donated commercial-grade refrigerators to the Bear Clan Patrol’s food security project in Winnipeg’s North End.

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