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Unifor determined to bring an end to lockout

September 28, 2018

GANDER - Unifor is outraged, but not surprised, that D-J Composites is refusing to negotiate an end to the 21-month lockout at the Gander aerospace plant.

“The company is not being honest with the people of Newfoundland and Labrador. DJ Composites’ bargaining has been illegal and deceitful and for this company to expect our union and members to be patient at day 648 is frankly ridiculous,” said Jerry Dias, Unifor’s National President.

On September 5th Unifor presented a comprehensive offer to settle this dispute. On September 20th Unifor offered to return to the bargaining table for five days starting September 26th. The company indicated it was “impossible” for them to meet. These delay tactics are part of the ongoing pattern of behaviour from this employer.

In a follow-up letter on September 26, Unifor offered to conduct direct negotiations anytime over the next 14 days. Unifor also requested the Company's consent for binding arbitration if negotiations continued to be unsuccessful.

“When it comes to collective bargaining, Unifor is looking for concrete action that will bring the dispute to an immediate conclusion. After 648 days locked out, if that means binding arbitration, I say so be it,” said Shane Wark, assistant to the National President.

The company also stated the issues are resolvable at the bargaining table.

“The Company says they want to bargain. Unifor made ourselves available for three straight weeks, and now the Company is again refusing to bargain,” said Wark

Hundreds of activists from across Canada have surrounded the building, and a temporary fence has been erected to keep scabs and managers from returning to work.

“We are not leaving until we reach a fair deal to get our members back to work,” said Dias.

For more information or to arrange interviews on-site or by phone, FaceTime, or Skype, in English or French, please contact Unifor Director of Communications Natalie Clancy at or 416-707-5794 (cell).