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New animated video shows threat to Saskatchewan’s Crown corporations

Monday March 6, 2017

Regina—A new animated video uses the fable of the Goose that Laid Golden Eggs to demonstrate how the Sask Party government’s handling of Crown corporations is a threat to the future of the province.

“Crown corporations save people money every day and help fund our hospitals and schools,” said Joie Warnock, Unifor Western Director. “But the Sask Party government has paved the way for privatization. For the sake of healthy public services, they must be stopped.”

Despite explicitly promising in the 2016 election to not privatize Crown corporations, the Sask Party introduced Bill 40 in October. The legislation’s sole purpose is to define the terms of Crown corporation sell-offs.

“If the Sask Party sells off a Crown corporation, the dividends and household savings are gone forever,” said Warnock. “Brad Wall is mistaken if it thinks that the people of Saskatchewan will give up their cherished Crown corporations without a fight.”

The Sask Party has a long record of privatization, which includes Heritage Gas, Navigata, and DirectWest Canada. Over the last two terms, Brad Wall has also privatized portions of SaskTel via contracting out, including Operator Services, Max Television Service Installations, and Satellite High Speed Internet Service.

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