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Ford government sides with business lobby over working people with "Making Ontario Open for Business Act"

October 23, 2018

TORONTO- Unifor condemns the provincial government’s plan to claw back workers’ rights and protections.

“Fair scheduling, equal pay for equal work, paid sick days. These rights are not frivolous- they are practical, minimum standard for fairness. Standards that help grow good jobs and keep workers safe,” Jerry Dias, Unifor National President.  “This Act is a direct attack on millions of workers, backed up by an imaginary crisis.”

The proposed legislation caves to demands by big business, including eliminating protection for part-time and temporary workers to be paid fairly, cancelling the promised increase to $15 an hour minimum wage, slashing paid leave for workers who experience illness and crisis. 

“The workers of Ontario, who support $15 and fairness must remember that we are the majority, and that a Bill announced is not a Bill passed,” said Naureen Rizvi, Unifor Ontario Regional Director. “I call upon all Ontarians to rise up and stop this attempt to squash the rights of the most vulnerable.”

The union denounces efforts by employers who have pressured the government to attack workers and encourage low-wage, precarious jobs.

“If you are a Unifor employer, a Member of Provincial Parliament, or the Premier himself- know that the workers of this province will hold you responsible for this effort to roll back their rights,” continued Rizvi. “To working people in Ontario without union protection, who are worried about this governments’ move to roll back your rights, it’s time to organize together. Unifor is here for you.”

For further information: contact Sarah McCue, Unifor National Communications Representative at 416-458-3307 (cell) or