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Unifor for Alectra Workers

Unifor: the Union for all Energy Workers

Alectra is a game changer for all utility workers in Ontario. Alectra is not just an electricity distributor – it's a national energy business. As the Alectra website states: Alectra Energy Solutions is shaping the future of energy as we know it. We are writing the next chapter in the changing face of energy in Ontario.”

Unifor believes Alectra’s is just the first of many utility company mergers in Ontario that will consolidate gas, electricity, water and other services into a handful of corporations. These changes will have a dramatic effect on all Alectra employees and you need an aggressive, powerful and diverse union to take on and bargain with these new corporate giants.


“Unifor has the experience and resources to best represent us in this rapidly changing industry”

Jim Fogt, Unifor Local 1285 Chairperson, Lineman, Hydro One Brampton


“In these uncertain times it’s nice to know that Canada’s largest private-sector union is in our corner.”

Joe McLoughlin, Unifor Local 1285 Committee Member, Civil Inspector, Hydro One Brampton


Canada’s largest union for energy workers

Unifor is Canada's largest and most influential union in the private-sector, with over 310, 000 members across the country. As the largest union representing workers in the energy sector, we represent 13, 000 workers at utility, gas, power, and energy companies. In Ontario, we are the largest union at Enbridge, TransAlta, Enercare, Union Gas and dozens of other energy companies.

Strong History

Unifor was officially formed on August 31, 2013, and marked the coming together of the Canadian Auto Workers union (CAW) and the Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union of Canada (CEP) – two of Canada’s largest and most influential labour unions.

Powerful leadership

Jerry Dias leads Unifor’s ambitious efforts to help change Ontario and the country into one in which we can all benefit from good jobs, safe communities and a prosperous, inclusive economy.

Jerry Dias is not afraid of Alectra, or any corporation or government. He is often in direct contact with the Prime Minister and nearly every Premier in Canada. Jerry Dias will do whatever it takes to bargain the best contracts possible and grow the influence of the labour movement.



Professional Services

Unifor has over 13 professional departments with trained experts that advocate on issues that matter to you most, including Skilled Trades Certifications and Training, Legal, Pension and Benefits, Health and Safety, and Political Action.

Exclusive Union Education to help you prepare for Alectra’s HR

Unifor’s Education Department offers an extensive labour education programs both in the areas where our members live as well as at our Unifor Education Centre in Port Elgin. We offer courses on different subjects and range in length from one day to four weeks. Our education programs aims to provide members with a perspective on the role of unions in defending their interests and the opportunity to envision the world we want to live in.


Unifor Local 1285: Democratic and United

All Alectra members will belong to one of Unifor’s most powerful Local Unions in Ontario, Local 1285. With members located across the GTA, Unifor Local 1285 involves in members in every aspect of its operations, with strong democratic bylaws and stable operations.

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