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Telco Member Survey

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Across the sector, telecommunications companies use a variety of performance management tools to set the expectations of their employees.  We want to know about how these tools affect your job and how you feel about them.

Fill out the union’s confidential survey to share your experiences. Click here to get started.

Please fill out the survey today, on a personal phone or computer- not your company computer- and not during work hours.

Your survey responses are confidential. All identifying information will be removed from the union’s report, and will never be shared with the employer.

How will this change anything?  We need to share our experiences in order to get a clear picture of the effects of widespread performance management tools. Once we collect this data, it can support the union to better communicate issues with management and support grievance positions. 

What else is the union doing in the meantime? The CRTC is investigating high-pressure sales tactics in the telecommunications sector. But your union has heard that it’s not direct sales tactics, but the underlying performance management tools that affect your experience on the job.

To read the union’s submission to the CRTC, download the PDF.


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