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Softwood Lumber Campaign

Add your name:  Tell Justin Trudeau to protect Canadian forestry jobs

Canada’s forestry sector directly employs 202,000 people from every region of the country. That’s double what the oil and gas sector employs, and triple the employment of the mining sector.

As a result, forestry’s impact on the Canadian Economy is massive: the industry produces $60 billion worth of products each year and is Canada’s third most valuable export sector. The United States is the destination for 70% of Canada’s softwood lumber exports.

The forestry sector is also a source of good-paying jobs in Canada, with wages 17% above the national average. Direct industry payroll injects $11.7 billion per year into the wider economy.

We cannot take this contribution for granted. If Canada does not meaningfully counteract U.S. tariffs to support workers and forest-dependent communities in the ongoing softwood lumber dispute, the consequences will be staggering.

The last time the U.S. imposed a softwood lumber duty, 15,000 workers were laid off within months. We must not let this happen again.

The Government of Canada needs a plan.

I call on the federal government to:

1. Negotiate a new softwood lumber deal that benefits Canadian communities;
2. Conduct thorough consultations with stakeholders;
3. Mitigate the impact of any U.S. – imposed duties, through federal loan guarantees;
4. Focus federal assistance on workers and communities;
5. Ensure any repayment of duties is invested back into local economies.