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Demand Democracy at the CLC

The creation of Unifor in 2013 was an act of hope for the Canadian labour movement and working people more generally. Our union has pushed for workers’ rights and made great gains at the bargaining table, in politics and in communities all across the country. And regardless of Unifor’s role in the CLC the union will continue to take action – we will defend workers and build a better, more socially just world for all!

Since the decision of the National Executive Board to leave the CLC, Unifor members and leaders have continued to be a prominent part in community actions and activism at all levels within the labour movement. This is who we are.

On January 19 activists participated in the cross country action to demand that Tim Horton’s not attack workers’ rights and rollback benefits as a result of an increase to the minimum wage in Ontario. The following day, a large contingent of Unifor members and leaders joined the women’s marches from coast to coast to coast, connecting the causes of gender and labour justice.

Those two days are representative of Unifor’s continued commitment to building solidarity and staying active in and as a part of the labour movement. Recent developments won’t change Unifor’s habits. If anything, Unifor will strengthen its engagement in community and local labour campaigns.

Unifor stands in support of the Federations of Labour and labour councils and the important work these labour bodies do in communities to build a movement. This work by rank and file activists must continue. Unifor believes strongly in the role for political action and activism; all members are encouraged to continue to participate in local political action and campaigns.

This is more important now than ever and, together, we will continue to defend the rights of workers and demand justice. Raise your Unifor flag high.