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Close the Gender Wage Gap


Unifor is part of the Equal Pay Coalition and calls on governments of all levels across Canada, to implement a comprehensive strategy to close the gender wage gap by 2025.

Currently, the Ontario government is the only government in this country that recognizes Equal Pay Day.

By working together to send a united message, we can lobby and advocate for change to close the gender wage gap. Here’s how you can make a difference:

  • Contact your Minister responsible for the Status of Women and demand they mark Equal Pay Day. As of today, only the Ontario government officially marks it.
  • Participate in the upcoming consultations for regulations for the new federal pay equity law.
  • Write your MP, MLA/MPP and municipal councillor and ask them to implement a universal child care program. Accessible, affordable child care is a necessary tool for closing the gender wage gap. We have never been closer to a child care breakthrough. You can sign the petition here:
  • Become a member of the Child Care Now and join the national call for quality, affordable child care for every family that wants it.