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Close the Gender Wage Gap

Women in Canada make roughly 30% less than men.  This gender wage gap is unacceptable and won't go away on its own. Active intervention is needed by governments and business to change practices that drive women’s economic inequality and poverty.

Canada ranks 30th out of 34 OECD countries for the size of our gender wage gap.  It is caused by many things: streaming in school, undervaluing of women’s work, clustering of women in lowest paid sectors and lowest paid jobs in those sectors, over-representation in precarious, temporary casual and agency work. Inadequate social supports, such as a universal child care system, disproportionately affects women’s workforce participation. The gap is even larger for women who face systemic discrimination because they are Aboriginal, racialized, LGBTQ, elderly or have disabilities.

Unifor is committed to advancing equality for women and we are demanding action to Close the Gap.