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Bell Technical Solutions Bargaining

A photo of the joint Bargaining Committee representing Ontario and Quebec

On Wednesday, December 6 of 2017 the Unifor joint Bargaining Committee began formal negotiations with Bell Technical Solutions (BTS) to negotiate a new contract for approximately 5,000 workers in Ontario and 2,700 in Quebec. For up-to-date news please read the bargaining bulletins below.

For up to date bargaining reports please see below.

This is not only the first set of negotiations with Bell Technical Solutions since Unifor’s founding in 2013, but the union has engaged in a historic and united  bargaining process that brings together Ontario and Quebec locals at a joint bargaining table. Nothing like this kind of bargaining coordination has occurred for technical workers in Canada ever before.

To represent the needs of members during these negotiations the following are the two bargaining committees, that are working together are:

Ontario bargaining committee

  • Jim Fling Local 34-O
  • Shawn Cowan Local 43
  • Jeff Mark Local 47
  • Colum Lynn Local 1996-O
  • Tyson Siddall, Telecommunications Director

Quebec bargaining committee

  • Charles Saumure Local 81
  • Christian Dénommée Local 98
  • Jocelyn Bouchard Local 176
  • Jean-Stéphane Mayer, National Rep for all Québec BTS units

The locals represented at the bargaining table during negotiations are: Locals 28, 30-O, 31,34-O, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39-O, 40-O, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48 and 1996-O in Ontario and Locals 77, 78, 79, 80, 81, 93, 98 and 176 in Québec.

Priority issues in this round of bargaining include: equal pay for equal work for all workers in both regions, establishing work life balance, ending forced overtime, improvements for part time employees, and paid domestic violence leave. The core message being delivered to the employer is that fairness for the BTS technicians is long overdue!

Campaign Update

Tentative Agreement Reached - Bargaining Bulletin #4

2/5/2018 -

After round the clock bargaining with Bell Technical Solutions the Quebec and Ontario bargaining committees are pleased to report that a tentative agreement was reach. The committees have unanimously recommended this tentative agreement with the employer.

Details on the ratification schedule will be circulated shortly. The bargaining committees wish to thank all members for support and solidarity during this set of negotiations.

Read more info on the tentative agreement reached in PDF

Bargaining Bulletin #3

2/1/2018 -

After 24 days of negotiations with BTS the bargaining deadline has been reached but there is no agreement. While some progress has been made the union is far apart from the employer.  Bargaining will continue but mobilization efforts are needed. The strength of a united membership will make a difference.

Read more (PDF).

Bargaining Bulletin #2

1/16/2018 -

As the joint committee enters the fifth week with the employer,  discussions have shifted to focus on our proposals aiming to resolve the work life balance issues, or the lack thereof, faced by our members each and every day. The union is focused on our major issues of scheduling and overtime.

Read more (PDF).

Bargaining Bulletin #1

12/20/2017 -

Given the numerous common issues in Ontario and Quebec, we have agreed to a set of bargaining rules of engagement in order to showcase our solidarity and strengthen our position during negotiations with the Company.

Read more (PDF).