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Alberta Fightback

Alberta Fightback logo with single Unifor flag wavingWorking People in Alberta are Under Attack

Since being elected, Jason Kenney's United Conservative Party (UCP) government has taken aim at the rights of working people in Alberta.

From free speech to bargaining rights to workplace health and safety, laws in Alberta are being tilted against workers and threaten to make employers more powerful than ever. 

Combined with massive job losses (including the largest public sector layoff in the province's history) and bungling the COVID-19 response, the UCP government is failing working Albertans.

Workers are Fighting Back

Unifor members in Alberta are organized and standing up to Jason Kenney. Workers refuse to be silent while basic rights are being undermined during a pandemic. This is not a partisan campaign—but the UCP has picked a fight with working people and we're going to fight back.

In this new attack on working peoples’ rights, Jason Kenney is using government regulations to benefit his friends in big business. Fixing the rules to give even greater power to the rich and powerful will only hurt Alberta’s economic recovery. Working people must be heard if we’re going to build a more fair and sustainable society. 
—Unifor Western Regional Director Gavin McGarrigle

How to Use this Site

This site is a resource for workers who want to protect their rights at work. Each tab above has educational information to be shared with coworkers, family, and friends. Most Albertans don't know the full scope of what they're losing with Jason Kenney's new laws. Help get the word out and encourage others to speak out!